Sunday, November 19, 2017

My Shaklee Effect with Vivix

Frankly I love Vivix. I had been taking Vivix since 3 years ago. Vivix became part of my daily diet . I had been taking it every morning and evening without fail. No doubt many people say it is costly, but to me my health is more costly.

Many years ago I had many health problems such as allergy, fatigue, low blood pressure, asthematic and knee problem. Asthematics really scare me all the time. When it attacks my body becomes very tired , difficult to breath and followed with chest pain. I could not sleep in the aircon and every morning I woke up with non stop sneezing. My knee was troubling me more often. I could stand too long and I could not walk for long distance , I would feel very tired easily and my legs often cramps . Often I did not have good night sleep.

After consuming Vivix for sometimes I felt my lungs so clear, I enjoy walking in the evening around my compound, I could sleep in the aircon and my night sleep soundly awesome. I am now free from athema. Thats the most precious gift !!

 I have heard many testimonial from people consuming Vivix. They managed to control diebatic, cancer, kidney problem, heart problem. and many more health problems. Each people have their own stories of experiences. Its a true story from a living people. To me its not surprising claim because I know Vivix is the best. It had undergone billion dollars of research including the landmark studies.

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