Friday, February 22, 2008

God Blessing

I like to share some true story of mine. Hope the story will inspire others who have the same problem with me. In 1984 my husband had a swollen toe. I thought it was just a mere toe problem. He went to the doctor and got injected , he was OK. As time went by the swell at the joint of his toe kept on coming . It was painful and unbearable. The doctor confirmed that he got GOUT'S. Initially I didn't understand much of this kind of "illness "- how and why it happened? Was there any medicine to cure it?
Many years had passed, my husband condition was getting worst. All his joints were attacked by gout's. In fact he had undergone various kind of treatments- modern and traditional. but no avail. He was getting worst. What I noticed the side effects from the medicine he took, he had heart problem, kidney failure , liver problem and lastly he was bed ridden and thus sadly at the age of 45 he got to quit job.
When he quitted job more problems in the family- yes we faced financial problems. I had to work hard to keep the end meets. I keep on praying some miracle things to happen. I keep on believing " God has not sent down a disease except that He has also sent down its cure. " Every sickness has a cure. Yes God didn't disappointed me. He answered my pray.
In 1998 we met someone who had touched our lives. Through him we found what we had been searching for years. He didn' t give my husband medicine but only food supplement to make not only my husband but the whole members of the family stay healthy. Today my husband is free from any medicine or drugs. No more swell and stands strong and handsome.
Thanks god for his blessing our lives had changed.

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